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Lavna Locks L-A24-Black(Bluetooth) with Bluetooth Mobile App, Fingerprint, PIN, OTP, RFID Card and Manual

Meet the 6 in 1 smart Digital door lock from LAVNA Locks, which you can access from your fingerprint, RFID Card, PIN, Bluetooth unlocking, OTP Unlocking and Key.


Introducing you all new Smart Solution for your Home, Office, Shop, Hotels or other Private premises, most importantly this is a High-tech Fingerprint Digital Door Lock with strong features and simple to use. Minimum door thickness required 34mm.

Secondly, this biometric Fingerprint door Lock makes your unlocking very easy and you can say that your finger, your key & no one can take your key beside this the security lock will eliminate so many things like manual locking, making multiple keys for family members, no need to carry your key when you go out and so on.

This digital lock is suitable for wooden & metal door, this smart lock is universal and simple to install as it can be installed on both the side Left or Right of the door & both opening indoor and outdoor It is advised to get it installed after watching our installation video on our YouTube Channel moreover you can also contact us to know if installation services is available at your location and cost for the same.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.


Access Modes

360⁰ fingerprint-la24 Sensor

Register up to 100 fingerprint-la24s in the lock. 0.4 sec. unlocking speed

Mobile Application

This lock completely operates through mobile application. Add/Del. any user, unlocking records, Bluetooth unlocking.

Special RFID Card

Up to 100 RFID card can be registered in this lock, the RFID card is specially designed for this lock only for your security.

PIN Option

You can register up to 100 PIN in this lock and the Touch Key Pad is very fine to use.

Mechanical Key

This lock also contains a computerized mechanical key for unlocking.

Time Base Access

In this you can allow a user to unlock the door for a specific time Period.

OTP Unlock

You can generate OTP from anywhere & share with your guest for one time entrance in your absence.

Smart Features

Adjustable Spy Code

You can use random numbers before or after the original pin in the presence of strangers to protect your original Pin.

External Power Port

You can give power to the lock externally from any normal power bank in case of complete battery drain.

Past Unlocking Records

You can Check Past Unlocking record in your Mobile Application.

DND Mode

When you active Do Not Disturb mode, it can’t be open from outside without your permission. (Use this mode very wisely)

Auto Locking System

The lock will eliminate the manual locking as it will get locked automatically when the door gets closed.

Low Battery Indication

The lock will give you an indication on the mobile app screen that the battery is low.

Public Mode

You can set the lock in Public mode, Public mode means auto locking system will get disabled.

Suitable For

Wooden Door

Product Details

fingerprint-la24 Sensor
Mobile Application Bluetooth App
fingerprint-la24 Capacity Up-to 100
Password Capacity Up-to 100
RFID Capacity Up-to 100
Recognition speed Less than 0.4s
Operating Temperature -10 °C- 60 °C
Power supply 4pcs*1.5V AAA alkaline batteries, (Duracell ULTRA)
Working Current 300mAH
Emergency Open 5 V Micro USB , Computerized key
Color Black
Weight 2.5 kg
Door Thickness 34 to 70 mm ONLY
Box Dimension H-24cm, L-43cm, W-12cm
Mortise Dimension H-18.8cm, L-2.2cm, W-9cm
Applicable on Wooden door
Box Contains
  • Main Lock
  • 1 Indoor Unit
  • 1 Outdoor Unit
  • Side Panel
  • Suitable Screw Packet
  • 2 Mechanical Key
  • 2 RFID card
  • Door cutting diagram
  • User Manual

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